Sustainability, Case Study, Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth

The Hikma International Professional Excellence (HIPE) programme was launched in 2016 as a cross-functional rotation programme for exceptional employees and fresh graduates.

The one-year programme takes on between six and eight candidates a year and aims to expose participants to a broad range of operational, financial and commercial aspects of our organisation.

The programme includes workshops, team-building activities and regular skills assessments to provide a comprehensive on-the-job learning experience.

HIPE exemplifies our approach to nurturing employee potential – combining on-the-job training and experience with skills development in management and leadership. Originally launched in Jordan and Lebanon, the 2019 programme is currently running with six participants in six different Hikma countries (Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Jordan and the US).

"I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been taught and supported by many great leaders at Hikma. Management strongly believe in young people, their energy and their willingness to learn and this has supported me in my professional journey with HIPE."

Soula AlHaj Asad, Senior packaging supervisor

"I gained understanding of the whole company and the links between departments on territory and corporate levels."

Firas Momani, HIPE participant

"I'm proud to have been able to positively contribute to each team i have worked with, build a good reputation in the company, grow my professional network by  meeting great people across different sites and departments."

Sahag Pailian, HIPE participant