Injectable opioid shortages

In the US, there is currently a shortage of injectable opioids used in hospitals for the management of pain due to a significant supplier in the market temporarily ceasing manufacturing.  We have made investments to significantly increase capacity for these products at our New Jersey facility as we are trying to make up for the large drop-in supply that is currently impacting patient care.


We are subject to Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) quotas on controlled substances (such as opioids) based on the amounts used and sold in the previous year.  We have – and continue to – increase our manufacturing as much we can based on the additional quota we have been granted by the DEA. We continue to apply for more API as the shortage is significant and the demand from hospitals is great. We are committed to helping provide hospitals and doctors with the medicines they need to best treat their patients and will continue to appeal to the DEA for enough quota to ease the shortage.


We have taken additional steps to meet the increased customer demand, including investing in additional headcount, overtime and adjusted production schedules. We will continue to work closely with our customers to manage this challenging situation.